Knowledge management
Capturing, making available and capitalising for the future

Data, information and knowledge produced by the epistemology of industrial technologies constitute the database of a knowledge server dedicated to professionals and experts.


Research in computing science and knowledge management lead to the definition of a methodology for extracting, categorising, connecting and representing technological data and information. 


Knowledge server


The knowledge server allows to extract the structure of a machine, its location in an industrial chronology, the technical lineages and the design phases. Tools for visualising results, including plugging for 3D virtual tours, and for identifying the inventors are available.


The knowledge server contains the state-of-art of studied technologies, their origin, their evolution and potentially, prospective information about their saturation and competitive technical lineages.




ExplorNova applies its methodology for designing knowledge servers for space machines, such as the Herschel space observatory, for other big science instruments and large industrial machines.

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