ExplorNova 360° - Interactive tour of the Universe
The digital exhibits

ExplorNova 360° is an interactive digital exhibit, connected with a leap motion, allowing a virtual tour of the Universe. The user will visit Planets, Exoplanets, Molecular Clouds, and Galaxies, including 360° panoramic views of Mars. The travel starts from the Moon, our base. Moving the hand to the right or the left turns the 360° sky menu. We propose 13 destinations: Solar system, Mars, Comets, Rosetta probe, Far universe, Galaxies, Molecular clouds, Herschel space observatory, Planetary disks, Exoplanets, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Stars. Each item points toward a motion design video presenting the astronomical object and its main physical features. Original sound design is also included.


ExplorNova 360° - Interactive tour of the Univers par explornova



Web demo and the current exhibit


A demo of the digital exploration is available on http://www.explornova360.com. Note that the version for exhibits contains further videos developed for this purpose and the items presented in the sky can be enriched with new ones. We encourage you to check out “Exoplanètes”, Mars or “Nuages Moléculaires” for an overview. The current language version is French, but translation of videos and menu is possible. Also translation is possible in any language upon request and financial participation.


ExplorNova 360° - Interactive tour of the Universe

Lunar menu of ExplorNova 360° and example of motion design video.




Technical needs


ExplorNova 360° operates on a PC connected to either a large TV screen or a set of 3 TV screens or even possibly to a simple video projection. The complete installation requires technical software preparation and assistance to adapt it to the projection and PC configuration.

ExplorNova 360° - Interactive tour of the Universe

Left: ExplorNova 360° installed on a panoramic 3-screen (55 inches) set at the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse. Right: Mars 360° views and hand motion above the leap motion.


License and sales quote


ExplorNova 360° is available under a license for any duration and any exhibition. Please contact vincent.minier@cea.fr for sales quote.



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